I highly recommend south region driving school in Laporte to any beginners or any on the road drivers. Mrs.Green and Mrs.Sharon are awesome instructors Very great learning and experience highly recommend:)


Definitely would recommend this school to anyone! Great learning experience along with great teachers . <3


I had such a great experience at South Regional Drive School in LaPorte, TX. They have great customer service. The owners kept us informed on what was needed so there were no surprises. They also have great driving teachers. I would definitely refer this driving school to anyone.


Love this place. Very friendly staff. The gentlemen that was in the car with me while I was taking my driving test was so kind and very great at communicating and making sure I understood every single thing. I was so nervous when I went in to take the driving test but he definitely helped calm me down. I, unfortunately, do not remember his name, I wish I did. I cannot recommend this place enough. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Affordable price as well. Thank you so much! I got my license back in February but forgot to leave a review.